INDIAN CREEK BISON RANCH  is located along the Arkansas River in South Central Kansas near Haven, Kansas. Native Americans, for centuries, used this very land along the Arkansas River to hunt the great herds of bison, thus the name Indian Creek Bison Ranch.

The Ranch is on the family farm and is operated by Jerry and Linda Schmidt. The base herd was started in 1989 when three female calves were bought from Maxwell Game Refuge.  Since then the Herd has grown to approximately 50 animals.  Currently, the bison are raised for meat and production purposes. Management of the herd often becomes an extended family and friend’s affair.  When the animals need to be separated and worked, there is usually plenty of help. 

Everyone enjoys these majestic animals and are always amazed about their unique behavior. Our bison ranching philosophy remains the same now as it was then. We believe in conservation, preservation, maintaining the natural conditions of the ranch, encouraging bio-diversity and developing a quality, diverse, and naturally strong bison herd.

We are excited to share with others the many aspects of bison.  Our goal is to promote the production of these animals and still hold on to the hhistory that is so much a part of who we are.

Come and visit us, we will be happy to show you our facilities, share our knowledge, our bison and our bison products.

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